Although at this year’s CES 2014 show, Sony showed a lot of new devices, but there were no tablets. It is said, however, that the Japanese company will fix this mistake in February and during MWC 2014, will present to the world its latest working model named Castor.

It has been almost a year since Sony introduced the Xperia Tablet Z. Since then, the Japanese company, the mobile device segment has only added smartphones, leaving the impression that it has forgotten the tablets.

Although at CES 2014 Sony did not show any tablets, it does not mean that it has abandoned this market sector. On the contrary, a completely new codename called Castor was being developed at this time, which, according to the media, will be presented to the world at the Mobile World Congress 2014, which will be held in Barcelona next month.

At the moment the information on the new device is very slim, although leaks show that the device can be equipped with the Qualcomma MSM8974AB processor, which is a reinforced Snapdragon 800 version with overclocked CPU and GPU clock. There will also be 4G and Wi-Fi connectivity. You can also assume that the operating system will be Android, probably in the latest version 4.4 KitKat.…

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Exploring Intelligent Bluetooth Headset Methods

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